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Policies, Statements Guidance

16-19 Bursary Policy (2023/2024)
16-19 Bursary Policy (2024/2025)
2020-2021 Annual Report and Audited Accounts
2021-2022 Annual Report and Audited Accounts
2022-2023 Annual Report and Audited Accounts
Admission Arrangements 2023-24
Admission Arrangements 2024-25
Child on Child Abuse Policy
Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Financial Management Policy & Procedures
Gender Pay Gap Report 2024
Health and Safety Policy
IET Uniform Policy
Investment Reserves Policy
Lettings Policy Terms and Conditions of Use
Modern Slavery Statement
Online Safety Policy
Safeguarding Policy Statement
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Section 172 Statement
Suspension and Exclusion Policy
Tangible Assets and Depreciation Policy
Top Slice of General Annual Grant 2023
Trade Union Facility Time Report 2022
Whistleblowing Policy
Privacy Notices 
- Admissions
- Supply and Agency Staff
- Recruitment
- Employee
- Visitors
- Covid-19
- Volunteers
- Complaints
- Parent & Pupils
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