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Science Week 2024!

This year’s theme for British Science week was time and our Invictus pupils have been busy participating in different activities to promote a love of science and increase their working scientifically skills. To showcase just a few examples, pupils at Rufford were treated to an assembly thinking about how technology and medicine has changed over time and it’s impact on us.

Pedmore pupils in year’s 7 and 8 were challenged to design roller coasters that a marble could go in the longest and at Wombourne they hosted a range of activities including making sand timers, roller coasters, watching talks from the Medical Mavericks and also involving pupils in Mars Day by completing activities linked to space. We also were able to involve one of our trainees and group of year 9 students in a trip to a local primary school to support KS 1 and 2 pupils in their lessons on sustainability. All pupils have had the opportunity to submit and entry to our trust competition to go back in time and research a scientist or go forward in time and design something they believe would be a ground breaking, innovative invention. I can’t wait to see what they have come up with and award the prizes. Watch this space!

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