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Invictus Education Trust Celebrates Remarkable Achievements in Trust Science Week Competition

Impressive doesn't even begin to describe it! Once again, our Invictus Education Trust community has showcased boundless creativity and enthusiasm throughout this year's Trust Science Week competition. It's been a privilege to immerse ourselves in the wealth of entries pouring in from our schools, each one a testament to the extraordinary talents of our pupils.

Now, as we proudly announce the recipients of the well-deserved monetary prizes, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to:

  • Evie and Isla-Mae (Wombourne)

  • Bella (Wombourne)

  • Finley (Ellowes)

  • Evie (Ellowes)

  • Abigail (Crestwood)

  • Maddison (Crestwood)

  • Sergiu (Crestwood)

  • Abigail (Kinver)

  • Logan (Kinver)

  • Charlotte (Pedmore)

Rufford pupils were also keen to take part and their winners are being treated to a science party hosted by the Director of Science!  Well done everyone and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! Take a look at some of their work.  

Your achievements are a testament to the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines our Trust. We commend each and every one of you for your outstanding contributions and celebrate your success as a reflection of the collective brilliance within the Invictus Education Trust family. Here's to continued growth, discovery, and inspiration! 🌟 #TrustScienceWeek #InvictusExcellence #FutureLeaders 🚀🔬

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