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Celebrating STEM Excellence: Invictus Education Trust Engages Year 8 Pupils in IET Faraday Challenge

The Invictus Education Trust had the privilege of witnessing the exceptional talent of our year 8

students as they engaged in the IET Faraday Challenge. Hosted by Kinver, this dynamic event integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) into a cross-curricular activity day. Pupils from four of our Invictus trust schools, alongside two others, immersed themselves in researching, designing, and presenting innovative products aimed at enhancing road safety in the future. Throughout the challenge, they meticulously considered aspects such as safety, economics, accessibility, and sustainability.

We were truly impressed by the calibre of designs and presentation skills showcased by all participating students. They exemplified the values of their respective schools and demonstrated remarkable perseverance in overcoming obstacles encountered during the design process. While Kinver pupils celebrated a joint first position, narrowly missing out on victory in the tiebreaker, we commend all participants for their dedication and hard work.

Looking ahead, we aspire to see representation from all our schools on the IET national league table, reflecting their commitment to excellence in STEM education. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all staff members who facilitated our students' participation in this enriching experience, and to Kinver for graciously hosting this outstanding event.

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