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Mental Health Awareness Week Across Invictus Schools

Mental health and well-being are the heartbeat of our schools and communities, and we are incredibly proud of our highly skilled, dedicated staff who offer warm, safe environments for our children and families. Mental Health Awareness Week was filled with numerous activities across our schools, showcasing our communities' commitment and compassion for this important topic.

Our schools' mental health provision is robust and effective in managing poor mental health, and Mental Health Awareness Week compliments and enhances the great work already taking place. Assemblies, workshops, and mental health themes were featured across all our schools, and we are proud to share some of the highlights with you:

Crestwood School

Hosted assemblies, workshops and organised a vocalist Holly Riva (Australian singer/songwriter)  to deliver a positive message on the importance of emotional well-being.


Kinver High School

Focused on the positive impact enjoying the outdoors can have on mental health and well-being.  They organised a morning walk and chat during form time which students embraced and enjoyed.  In collaboration with outdoor learning day, teachers are encouraged to take their learning outside the classroom into the outdoors.

Ellowes Hall

Ellowes Hall kicked off the week by decorating their reception area with vibrant green flags, setting the tone for a week filled with meaningful activities. Students participated in mindfulness colouring sessions, thought-provoking assemblies, and drop-in breakfasts. Silent "do nows" provided a quiet start to the day, and a special green-themed Thursday added a splash of colour and unity to the school. These activities were designed to engage students in conversations about mental health and encourage mindfulness and relaxation.

Invictus Alternative Provision

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we highlighted the efforts to support young people facing challenges both in and out of school. Students in Invictus Alternative Provision are greatly benefiting from the support of a newly appointed full-time mental health practitioner. Sarah Hill, with over 20 years of experience in education, is making a significant impact on our most vulnerable students.

"I joined Invictus in February at the Greenhill and Revive Alternative Learning Centres as their AP Practitioner for mental health. I have been supporting the students with their mental health issues, this has included work around self-esteem, confidence, body image, peer pressure, bereavement, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, anger, social media pressures and many more. The support includes one to one talking sessions, small group work on a specific topic or as and when check in sessions with the students. Sessions can be a quick 5-minute chat or an hour long, depending on what the student is going through at the time or what is needed. I am available for both students and staff at the centres to talk to or offer advice on their mental health needs. I can also refer students on to outside agencies, such as, Reflexions, CAMHs, etc, if more support is needed"


Pedmore High School

This week, Pedmore High School will invite parents to our second Attendance and Well-being Coffee Morning. This event aims to offer parents advice and guidance on promoting positive well-being and attendance in their children.

Pedmore consistently promotes positive mental health through regular assemblies and workshops. During summer school, new students receive training on the skills needed to take good care of themselves. The school also has Student Well-being Ambassadors and a Well-being Team of staff who have received specialised training. Pedmore maintains positive relationships with external agencies and works closely with Reflexions to ensure comprehensive support for all students.

Mental Health Awareness Week at Invictus Schools highlighted the dedication and creativity of our staff and students. By fostering an environment where mental health is openly discussed and supported, we are helping our students develop the skills they need to thrive both academically and personally. Here’s to continued growth and support for all members of our school community!  Our pupils understand that poor mental health and adversity effectively managed can help shape our futures and  not define it. 

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