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Invictus Value Awards for Pedmore Students

Our Trusts' CEO, Mr Tony Bowles, paid a visit to Pedmore High School this morning to hand out 3 very prestigious awards to 3 of our students.

As I am sure you read last month via social media, Hamza and Ryan (Ryan's award is in the post due to his relocation) of Year 10, came to the aid of an unwell member of the community. They identified that there was a lady in distress, calmed her through her front window, called the paramedics and waited whilst they arrived. The paramedics commended the boys for their work, and so do we! They both receive the 'Accountability' award, Invictus Value Three states "If it is to be, it is to be me" and the boys really embodied that by taking control of a very difficult situation. Hamza is pictured below with Mr Bowles:

The next award went to a very talented young lady, Isabelle, also Year 10, was this week selected to completed in the Worcestershire and Herefordshire Ladies Golf Association County Championships AND selected for the Ladies County Team! A phenomenal achievement for someone so young. Isabelle was awarded with the 'Anything is Possible' award, due to her unprecedented achievement, which aligns with Invictus Value Two. Since posting about Isabelle's achievement we have been inundated with messages and comments wishing her luck!

Well done, we are all very proud of your achievements, keep up the great work!

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