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Invictus Science Week

Invictus schools have gone above and beyond to promote science during this year’s British science week. Pupils have not only seen that science can be full of awe and wonder and engaged in a variety of different science experiments or STEM tasks, they have had the opportunity to discuss science careers and look at our own sixth formers as role models, they have inspired our future generations by going into a primary school to deliver workshops with ks2 students and they have got creative in order to enter the national poster competition on this year’s theme, growth.

Daily assemblies have been delivered to raise awareness and the importance surrounding this week as we aim to foster a passion for science in all our Invictus pupils. A variety of practical lessons occurred this week from crime scene labs being created, to making spaghetti bridges, live dissections, making parachutes and using microbes to make bread, alcohol, cheese and yoghurt. One school even registered to give pupils the opportunity to dial in to live zoom calls to talk to professionals about their careers in Space exploration and work on Mars. We also used this opportunity to involve our science ambassadors in decision making by asking their opinions on the designs of our building science oracy skills to get pupils thinking, speaking, reading and writing like scientists!

I hope you can see from the pictures below that it has been lovely to see pupils demonstrating their science skills and showcasing how amazing science can be! Look out for another blog on our entries and winners of the national poster competition!

Wombourne - Asking questions to staff at the UK Space Agency

Kinver – Their science ambassadors helping make decisions about how to promote oracy skills in science

Crestwood – Science assemblies promoting awareness

Leasowes – Constructing different parachutes

Leasowes - Testing and identifying substances during their crime scene investigation

Pedmore – Making 3D structures to test their strength out of spaghetti and marshmallows

Pedmore – Making 3D structures to test their strength out of spaghetti and marshmallows

Invictus Sixth Form - Sixth formers visited Blakely Heath Primary School to host science based activities for the students

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