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Meet our Team


Edward Vitalis

Chief Executive Officer

Edward is the Chief Executive Officer of Invictus Education Trust.

He is the former Deputy Chief Executive of Bright Futures Educational Trust, where he oversaw Governance and Corporate Services.

Since qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant at the end of 1999, Edward has held various lead finance and corporate service executive roles in the charity, public and private sectors, where he specialised in transformational change management in education, health and social care. He has held non-executive positions in education, health and social care almost 20 years and is currently the Vice Chair of a North West based Multi Academy Trust.

Edward is a former National Leader of Governance (NLG) designated by the DFE. He has a history of carrying out corporate governance reviews including reviews of charities in parts of West Africa, South Africa and Germany as well as the UK.

Edward recently stepped down as a Non-Executive Director of an NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust in Greater Manchester where he was also the Audit Committee Chair. He was the Chair the Greater Manchester CAMHS Lead Provider Collaborative Commissioning Committee January 2020 to December 2023.

He is a former Non-Executive Director of an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in the North West where he was the Audit Committee Chair, Commissioning Board Chair and Joint Chair of a North West based city council’s Public Health and Wellbeing Board. He has a strong commitment to improving life chances demonstrated throughout his career with a focus on education, supporting those facing disadvantage, health and social care.

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