Invictus Education Trust is a new way for children to experience the highest quality of education.
We are a tightly knit group of highly successful schools, none of whom is more than a 25 minute drive away from each other. The schools will proudly retain their separate identities but they will also work very closely together to produce the best possible outcomes. It is our declared intention to provide elite experiences for all our students. Indeed we plan to compare ourselves to the very best schools, be they either state or independent.
We are committed to develop the individual and endeavour to give our students ample and varied opportunities inside and outside of the curriculum to achieve this. We have a culture here at Crestwood of 'anything is possible'.

Our high expectations of ourselves and our students are reflected in the daily life of our school where hard work, effort and achievement are recognised and celebrated.

Mr T Bowles
Kinver High School is a thriving and successful secondary school with 600 pupils. We have a history of excellence based on our core values of hard work, discipline and high aspirations. We are also a forward-looking school, committed to seeking excellence in the future.

Mr C Rogers
Our high standards are evident in a number of areas - academic, sporting, artistic, cultural and behaviour. We will never compromise on these high standards - and we will commit ourselves to helping our children to be the best they can be. We are proud of our young people and we are proud of the caring education they receive.

Mr A Jasper

At Ounsdale High School students are at the centre of everything that we do and we aim to give them the self belief to achieve even more than they think is possible. We encourage our students to be ambitious, innovative and empowered young people who are happy and successful and take full advantage of opportunities to shine.

Christine Brown
Choosing a school for a son or daughter is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever have to make. Invictus Education Trust knows that the education offered by its schools will be truly exceptional.

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