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Train To Teach

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Primary routes focus on the study of teaching in all Primary National Curriculum subjects, with emphasis on the core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. Our Primary courses allow applicants the opportunity to study a range of ages, ranging from 3-7 (Early Years, Postgraduate or 5-11 (Postgraduate) and the distinctive pedagogies encountered in Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classrooms, as well as a KS3 experience. You will learn the principles of curriculum design and delivery and the theories of learning and teaching, alongside developing practical insights and skills in the effective teaching and assessment of young children through practical school-based experience.

You will be offered a series of learning experiences linking different perspectives of Primary teaching to aid the development of your professional skills in the classroom and lead you towards successfully achieving Qualified Teacher Status by meeting the required National Teachers’ Standards.

All trainees are required to spend one day a week studying the theory of teaching. Full time trainees will then spend four days in their placement schools, observing experts in their fields before slowly taking on classroom responsibilities and putting their theoretical knowledge into practice. 

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