Meet our Team


Mr C Gillespie

Director of Humanities

Mr Gillespie was born in Derby and after completing A Levels, attended the University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham University to gain his Teaching qualification and History Degree.

Following time spent producing cartoons for Prospect Magazine and producing interactive resources for English Heritage’s education website, Mr Gillespie joined Leasowes High School in 2004 to teach History.

Since 2012, Mr Gillespie has led the Humanities department successfully overseeing changes to the curriculum and exam specifications across the three subjects. Leasowes has since introduced 6th Form, and History department has been proud to deliver A Levels and hope to deliver Geography and RS in the future.

Mr Gillespie believes that Humanities subjects are vital to students understanding of the world around them, how they can support it and vital to the understanding of people in the world and how we can work together. As the father of an autistic child, Mr Gillespie is a strong advocate of providing support and guidance to allow students of all abilities to access the courses we provide. Special Needs should not mean students cannot get a wide and fulfilling provision in school.

Alongside curriculum work, Mr Gillespie leads a games club in school. This is an opportunity for students and staff from all backgrounds to come together to share experiences not based on the school subjects. This had led to teams being involved in Warhammer National Competitions. Games Club has provided huge support for academic learning and developing and succeeding in new activities helps build character and leadership skills.

Mr Gillespie has been proud to mentor students during their PGCE and ITT training courses, and happy that many have gone on to take leadership roles, within Invictus and across the country. Working with trainees allows departments to access the latest thinking and training from universities and brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the humanities team. Mr Gillespie keeps links with many of his former PGCE students as it provides vital ongoing development and information about changes in education across many different schools.