Meet our Team


Martin Lopez

Director of Communications, Media and Marketing

Martin joined Invictus in 2014, following a long career in the leisure industry, spending 10 years working at David Lloyd Leisure in a variety of roles.

Martin's time at David Lloyd helped him develop a deep understanding of the importance of branding, high standards and expectations within an organisation and also how to communicate effectively to large communities.

Joining Crestwood School in 2014 Martin put these skills to use immediately by turning the school into the physical and digital heart of the community, the school's facilities were opened to the community, with thousands of community members taking part in activities hosted by the school each week, and parental, and community engagement was transformed with the launch of Crestwood's online social media platforms.

In 2019 Martin was appointed to his role within the central team and has since been recreating this impact across all of our schools and sixth form, with the aim of ensuring that our students, parents and communities can follow, understand and engage with the everything that happens at our Trust and in our schools.

Although we would love all families to choose an Invictus school, the purpose of the communications, media and marketing department is to ensure that anyone considering an Invictus school can make an informed decision, and ensure we are the right fit for them.