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National Apprenticeship Week

This week marks the commencement of National Apprenticeship Week, a time when we have the privilege to showcase and applaud the unwavering dedication of our apprentices, both nationwide and here at Invictus Education Trust. We are proud of the efforts they demonstrate day in and day out, enriching our staff, students and community with their contributions.


Today, we are thrilled to share the inspiring stories of Lydia and Elizabeth as they embark on their apprenticeship journeys with Invictus Education Trust.


Lydia B – Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice

"I joined Invictus Education Trust in March 2023 as a Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice. I have been developing new administration skills and gaining knowledge within the education sector having come from a completely different sector previously. Working in a fast-paced office everyday a new challenge has come my way. Now 11 months into my apprenticeship I have been offered a permanent job role and I am looking forward to continuing my journey at Invictus."


Elizabeth T – Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprentice

"I love working at Rufford Primary School as a level 3 teaching assistant apprentice. The environment couldn't be warmer and more welcoming and everyone I've worked with has helped me immensely in my professional development. The hands-on experience has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge on how to care for and support children within schools. Every day is different, from working in the classroom to carrying out interventions, and the skills I have learned will help me in the future working in education."


Their commitment to learning and growth exemplifies the spirit of National Apprenticeship Week, and we couldn't be prouder to have them as part of our team. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and the invaluable role they play within our trust.

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