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Invictus Students Celebrate GCSE Results!

Invictus Education Trust GCSE Results- Chief Executive Officer, Tony Bowles

The end of the previous academic year has been the most difficult and challenging I have witnessed or experienced in my 25+ years in education , all of our students have been affected by the consequences of COVID-19, but none more so than the “Class of 2020”. Our Year 13, and Year 11 students, that have had so much taken away from them during very important ‘milestone’ years. It is for this reason, although there have been so many confusing and conflicting messages, we are passionate about sharing our student’s incredible successes with you. Below, you will see there are many amazing achievements both individually and collectively, as a Trust we can proudly state that over 75% of all students achieved a Grade 4 or better in 5 or more subjects, this is a phenomenal achievement that will ensure there are many options on offer for our students!

Crestwood School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Caroline Sutton

Crestwood are delighted to celebrate the success of this year’s Year 11 GCSE and BTEC results. All students performed in line or better than their teachers’ expectations in spite of adverse press over recent weeks. We are pleased to announce that over 75% of our students achieved a grade 4 or better in five or more subjects, and over 50% achieving a grade 5 or better across five or more subjects.

More students than ever attained the top grades in English, Maths and Science. Special congratulations go to Sinead Leckey who attained nine grade 9s, Charlie Hampson who attained eight grade 9s , Connor Higgs who attained five grade 9s and four grade 8s and Kaitlin Higgs who attained four grade 9s and six grade 8s.

Riley Barrett, Kiran Shafiq, Saad Adil and Aletia Slessor made the most progress in the year group.

We are so pleased and proud that all of the efforts and hard work put in by our students have been recognised and have led to these fantastic results.

Ellowes Hall Sports College GCSE Results- Headteacher, Carla Leslie

We are very pleased with these results. “Our core subjects continue to perform exceptionally well with over 73.8% 4+ in English and Maths, 70% of students achieving at least five good passes including English and maths. Over 30% achieved the Baccalaureate. We are very proud of these achievements and our students must be congratulated for their efforts, especially in the current circumstances.

As always we are very proud of all of our students, a special mention must be given to the following students with their phenomenal results.

Grace Brownhill with four Grade 9s and five Grade 8s

George Shaw with four Grade 9s and five Grade 8s plus an A* in A level Maths 2 years early!

Sara Alkhafaji with two Grade 9s and four Grade 8s

Kinver High School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Nikki Clifton

We are delighted to announce a set of thoroughly well deserved GCSE results of our Year 11 2020 cohort in probably their most difficult of all school years.

Our students have worked tirelessly throughout their five years of secondary school education at Kinver and have demonstrated tenacity and resilience this academic year. We are immensely proud of our student’s wonderful achievement and progress today.

80% of our students achieved a Grade 4 or better in five or more subjects which opens the door for them to continue their education at their chosen Sixth Form! 76% of students attained a Grade 4 or above and 52% Grade 5 or above in both English and Maths.

Special recognition goes to:

Isabelle Taylor 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7

Lola Meyrick 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7

Lauren Humphries 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Mia Thornley 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7

James Hodges 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7

Outstanding progress was made by Isabel Partridge, Luke Boden, Ellie Southall, Ashley France, Tom Ridley

We would like to congratulate our students, staff and families on their success today and hope that they all enjoyed their Mr Whippy celebration ice cream courtesy of the Headteacher, Mrs N Clifton.

Leasowes High School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Matthew Mynott

Over 66% of our students achieved a Grade 4 or better in 5 or more subjects, almost 60% of students achieved a Grade 4 in 5 subjects or more, including English and Maths!

We are extremely proud of all of our students and their achievements, they worked incredibly hard and deserve their excellent results. Improvements on last year were seen across the board in terms of progress and attainment in all subjects.

In particular, English and Maths grades, as well as History, Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology, Engineering, French, Music and Physical Education doing particularly well. We also saw a rise in the number of students achieving grade 7 and above.

The following students deserve particular recognition Christopher Jones achieved six Grade 9’s, two Grade 8’s and a Grade 7. Krzysztof Stasiak achieved four Grade 9’s, four Grade 8’s and a Grade 7. Molly Hewston achieved two Grade 9’s, six Grade 8’s and a Grade 7. Emma Bolton achieved two Grade 9’s, four Grade 8’s two Grade 7’s and a Grade 6. Nomqhele achieved three Grade 9’s, two Grade 8’s three Grade 7’s and a Grade 6.

We are also very proud of JJ Forrest and Tanveer Anusha who exceeded all of their target grades to make outstanding progress.

Pedmore High School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Gareth Lloyd

We are extremely proud of all our Year 11s for all their hard work and commitment throughout their GCSE courses. I would also like to thank all of the staff who have shown exceptional professionalism and dedication in ensuring our young people were able to achieve these results.

  • 71% achieved 5 or more grades 4 or above

  • 49% achieved 5 or more grades 5 or above

Particular congratulations to Anna Barnard, Anthony Teague, Georgi Filipov and Damian Thomas for their outstanding attainment.

Anna – six Grade 9s, two Grade 8s, one Grade 7

Anthony – six Grade 9s and two Grade 8s

Georgi – five Grade 9s, two Grade 8s and a Level 2 Distinction *

Damian – three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and a Level 2 Distinction*

Wombourne High School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Gemma Smith

A huge congratulations to Wombourne High School GCSE Students, they worked incredibly hard towards their GCSE qualifications and we are incredibly proud of them. This year group is marked by qualities of kindness, compassion and empathy that are not rewarded by a certificate but are no less valuable than their amazing academic achievements. 86% of students have achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least five subjects, with 45% achieving at least one grade 7+.

There are many students who stand out, these include Phoebe Bradshaw-Corner, Alexander Colley, Ella Flavell, Charlie Hall, Aidan McTighe, Olivia Potts, Louis Powell and James Williams for gaining 10 or more GCSE at grade 7 and above. Louis Powell achieved eight GCSEs at Grade 9 and Sophie Thomas six GCSEs at Grade 9. Grade 9s were also achieved in abundance for Aidan (5), Phoebe (5), Charlie (5), Mia Hobbs (4) and Thea Hobbs (3). The highest levels of progress was seen in the excellent results achieved by Joshua Stevens, Isabel Jakeways and Megan Jenkins.

Congratulations to all our fantastic students.

More than any other year, these figures are provisional, all schools received communication late on Wednesday 19th August effectively recalling the BTEC results, when these results are re released, all of the above figures are likely to increase.

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