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Invictus Education Trust celebrates again!

Invictus Education Trust are, once again, bursting with pride as they celebrate Year 11 students’ impressive achievements in the first set of validated results since 2019. The impact of Covid and the interruptions that this has caused have been truly unmeasurable, yet our students are the ones who, until this summer’s exam series, had not sat any external exams because of the interruptions arising from Covid. We are extremely proud of both our Year 11 students, our team of staff’s resilience and our remarkable set of 2022 results. Our students’ results demonstrate that despite the disruption and challenges recent years have inevitably brought us, we have been relentless in our focus, drive and determination to succeed, in order to improve the life chances and opportunities of the students we serve.

The fantastic results of our Year 11 students demonstrate the quality of education our staff provided. The results of our Year 11 students, in both our academic and vocational qualifications, are testament to our Invictus mission and values: to put the interests of our students first. As a result of excellent careers information, advice and guidance provided by Invictus staff and independent professionals, our students have secured positive future steps for themselves with many of our Year 11 students returning to us to join Invictus Sixth.

Tony Bowles, CEO of Invictus Education Trust, commented: “I would like to thank all of the staff, students and their parents and carers, who have worked together as a team throughout to achieve these well-deserved results under the most challenging of circumstances. Congratulations to you all on your hard-earned success. These results build further on a few of our schools’ successful Ofsted inspections this academic year.”

Crestwood School

Crestwood are delighted to celebrate the success of this year’s Year 11 GCSE and BTEC results.

In spite of the barriers and adversities that they have encountered over their GCSE and BTEC studies our students have risen to the challenge and obtained some fantastic results.

We are pleased to announce that 46% of final grades were grades 7, 8 and 9 and over 50% of students achieved a grade 5 or better in five or more subjects.

Special congratulations go to Madison Perry who attained 7 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s. Ciara Leckey made the most progress in the year group.

We are so proud and pleased that all of the efforts and hard work put in by students has been recognised. This year group have had such a fractured time over their GCSE studies they should be rightly proud of their achievements.

Well done everyone and good luck for the next stage in your educational journey!

Headteacher, Caroline Sutton

Ellowes Hall Sports College

Ellowes Hall students, staff and governors are celebrating a fantastic set of well-deserved grades as the country returns to external examinations for the first time in three years.

In spite of the barriers that we have encountered, we are so proud to announce that our students have really risen to the challenge and shown resilience to obtain an impressive set of results.

A quarter of students achieved a grade 7 or above in English with 8 of those students achieving a grade 9

Over a third of our cohort achieved at least 1 grade 7 across their subjects

Two thirds of our students met the benchmark in both English and Maths (grade 4 and above in both) in addition 20 of those students went on to achieve a 7 plus in English and Maths.

13 students achieved a grade 7 or above in all of their subjects

5 students achieved a grade 9 in Maths

Special mention goes to:

  • Leah Higgs with 8 grade 9’s

  • Claire Parker with 7 grade 9’s

  • Xiao Wang & Alex Smith with 6 grade 9’s

  • Joseph Lowke with 2 grade 8’s and a grade 9 despite breaking his leg to two places during exam season!

  • Georgia Cowdell Smith, Leah Woodhall, Kyle Doman and Isabel Evans who have achieved above their expected targets by at least 2 grades in their subjects

We would like to congratulate our senior prefect team (Joe Paddock, Rebecca West, Angelina Jassell, Beth Whitehouse, Kyle Doman) for not only supporting the school throughout the year in their duties, but also leading the way and being true role models, each achieving very high positive progress against their high targets.

We would like to our staff for their hard work and dedication to help achieve this fantastic set of results!

Kinver High School

We are ecstatic to announce that our students have again excelled above expectations and achieved another set of thoroughly well-deserved and outstanding GCSE results, that build upon and exceed our last four years of GCSE results.

We are delighted that our students’ hard work has been rewarded. Both our amazing students and phenomenal staff have worked tirelessly throughout, despite the challenging circumstances of the last two years and have demonstrated tenacity, resilience and a dogged determination to exceed and excel.

As a school and Trust we are delighted that our tremendous results today pay testament to our fabulous teachers and their use of virtual learning during the national lockdown, as well as them giving their time to go beyond to support every individual student to maximise their potential and achieve their personal best. In addition to this, the support that our students have received from our parents, carers and local community has been invaluable and we would like to thank everyone who has played a part in our students’ success and achievement today.

This year it is incredibly difficult to highlight individuals since more than half of all students attained at least 1 Grade 9-7 and we are immensely proud of our students progress this year.

· 40% of students attained 3 or more Grade 9-7

· 30% of students attained 5 or more Grade 9-7

· 14% of students attained 8 or more Grade 9-7

· 91% of students attained a Grade 4 or more in English and 84% attained this in Maths

· 81% of students attained a Standard Pass (Grade 4) in both English and Maths

· 58.4% of students achieved a Good Pass (Grade 5+) Pass in both English and Maths

Special recognition for outstanding attainment goes to:

Amelia Smyczek 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,7 Emily Fletcher 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8

Lottie Davies 9,9,9,9,9,8,8,7,7,L2D* Lucy Green 9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8,8,L2D*

Mia Beck 9,9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8,8 Molly McParland 9,9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8,L2D*

Rhianna Morrison 9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8 Harvey Parsons 9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8,8,7

Xandre Escudeiro 9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8,7,7 Maddie Baker 9,9,9,9,8,6,6,6,6,6

Rebecca Hemmings 9,9,9,8,8,8,8,8,8,8 Millie Harris 9,9,9,8,8,8,7,7,6,6

Charlotte Lines 9,8,8,8,8,8,8,7,7,L2D* Dominic Cattell 8,8,8,8,8,8,8,7,7,6

Harrison Johnson 8,8,8,8,8,8,7,7,7,7

Special recognition for outstanding progress was made by:

Ciaran Barber; Hattie Cook; Olivia Day; Freddie Hopwood; Neve McGovern; William Phillips; Nicky Randhawa; Grace Shipley; Skye Taylor and Josh Taylor.

We would also like to acknowledge the success of our Year 9 triplets, Lily-May, Niall and Kristian Readings, who with additional support during enrichment, successfully sat their GCSE Spanish examination early this year and attained a Grade 9, Grade 8 and Grade 7. İEnhorabuena chicos!

Mrs Clifton Headteacher commented “I would like to thank and congratulate all of the staff, students and their parents and carers, who have worked together as a team throughout to achieve these tremendous and well-deserved results. We look forward to seeing you all continue to succeed in Invictus Sixth in September. What a wonderful way to end a successful academic year which has seen us achieve not only a ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection, but our best results ever!’

Leasowes High School

Leasowes High School are delighted to celebrate the successful achievement of their class of 2022.

Despite difficult circumstances over the last two years, the students have risen to the challenge and obtained excellent results.

A special mention to the following students who have gone on to achieve outstanding grades:

Demetra Stratoberdha – Four grade 9s, three grade 8s and a grade 7

Roxana Sherahmad – Two grade 9s and six grade 8s

Steven Chen – One grade 9, four grade 8s and four grade 7s

Esther Cunniffe – One grade 9, five grade 8s, one grade 7 and one grade 6

Rida Khan – One grade 9, four grade 8s, one grade 7 and two grade 6s

Kate Weaver – One grade 9, two grade 8s, two grade 7s, two grade 6s and a Level 2 Distinction.

Other students of note who have made exceptional progress include:

Jesse Abraham, Arjun Chahal, Kai Clulow, Chloe Hyatt, Hannah Ihsan, Seren Lee, Luke Mills, Demi-Leigh Ralph and Eleanor Yorke.

The school continues to improve the outcomes for their students. More students have gained a grade 4 and grade 5 and above in their English and Maths than in previous years, and many have produced fantastic results in many other subjects also. Results in English have been particularly pleasing, as well as the school continuing to excel in the English Baccalaureate, a strength for many years. Sciences, French, Art and Design, Religious Education, Design Technology, Food Technology, Physical Education, Drama, Music and I Media have made exceptional academic progress.

We are proud of all that they have achieved and wish them well in their future studies.

Headteacher, Matthew Mynott

Pedmore High School

We would like to congratulate and thank all our students, staff and families for their outstanding achievement and relentless hard work during the most challenging of circumstances.

There have been significant improvements across the board since the last external exams were taken in 2019 – English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics have seen increases in the number of students achieving grades 5 and above. The majority of students also achieved grade 5 or above in Arabic, Chinese, Child Development, Computer Science, French, Food Preparation, Religious Education, Sociology and Urdu.

The following students deserve particular recognition: Mufeed Alam achieved two grade 9s, six grade 8s and a grade 7; James Checketts achieved five grade 8s and four grade 7s; Amina Zia achieved one grade 9, two grade 8s, two grade 7s and three grade 6s; Freddie Smith achieved one grade 9, three grade 8s and four grade 7s; Abigail Floyd achieved three grade 8s, four grade 7s and a Level 2 Distinction; Zainab Riaz achieved one grade 9, three grade 7s and four grade 6s; Hirah Khalid achieved one grad 9, five grade 7s and three grade sixes.

We are also extremely proud of the outstanding progress scores achieved by Lydia Sharkey, Ethan Poulton and Zain Khan.

We are delighted and proud of all of our students on gaining places at their first choice post-16 courses.

Gareth Lloyd


Wombourne High School

A huge congratulations to Wombourne High School GCSE students, fantastic results that are truly well deserved. Incredibly, 48% of students have achieved at least one grade 7 or equivalent, 16% of students have achieved five grade 7 or equivalent and 71% of students have achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least 5 subjects. Wombourne High School students worked extremely hard towards their GCSE qualifications and we are immensely proud of them. The students consistently demonstrated valuable qualities of resilience, determination and positivity.

There are many students who stand out, these include Alexander Grindley who achieved 6 grade 9s, Thea Blakemore, Caitlin McTighe and Lillie Perry who achieved 5 grade 9s, and Sam Barker and Kai Williams who achieved 4 grade 9s. The highest levels of progress were achieved by Daisy Fisher, Lillie Perry and Jenson Nicholls.

Congratulations to all our fantastic students.

Gemma Smith


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