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An Unforgettable Year

It is just over a year since the first 'school closures' and although challenging, it is so refreshing to look back at how adaptable and resilient our students, staff and communities have been!

We have put together this short montage to let everyone know how PROUD we are of you, when the going got tough, we got going!

Towards the end of this year we have been rewarded with some pretty great news, with new buildings and facilities almost complete at Kinver High School and Crestwood School, a SIGNIFICANT investment at Wombourne High School which will see most of the school rebuilt and some very exciting plans and projects in the pipeline across all of our schools and Invictus Sixth Form , Including the recent news that our Trust is growing with the addition of Rufford Primary School., the next year is shaping up very well!

It is easy to see why we have had our most popular year yet in terms of admissions for September 2021!

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