Music is a thriving and accomplished subject across Invictus schools. The staff encourage a cooperative atmosphere in which we seek to ensure the best of all national practice reaches our students.

We believe that enjoyment lies at the heart of the educational process, and this is something we communicate to our students through a relevant and vibrant curriculum.

The curriculum itself is a rich diversity of different musical genres from across the world. During their time in Invictus, our students will study African drumming, Classical music, Film music, Rock music, Hip hop, Blues, Folk (from a variety of different cultures), music from the middle east and Reggae, as well as being given the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument for free! 

All Music departments offer exciting curricular and extra-curricular programmes, which underpin student’s study of other academic and arts subjects.

Music is integral to our many school productions, concerts, workshops, events and school tours. All of our departments regularly host local, national and international performances of varying sizes and genres. Last year all schools performed at the Wolverhampton Grand with over 250 Invictus students showcasing their exceptional talents.

In the past three years our ensembles have performed from venues as diverse as the River Rooms in Stourbridge to the Royal Albert Hall in London. In 2019 we are taking over seventy of our best students on a musical tour of Germany, where we will be performing several concerts.

Students have the opportunity to study Music at KS3, 4 and 5. In the latter key stages we offer the chance to succeed in GCSE, A level and BTEC qualifications. We demand a great deal of commitment from our students, though this shows in our consistently high achievement rate.

A levels are not seen as our ‘end goal’ though, as many of students progress onto working in the arts. Recent students are now employed in roles ranging from Professional performers to BBC sound engineers.

The Invictus Music department approaches arts education as a lifelong journey which requires hard work and dedication and rewards us with infinite possibilities and opportunities. We can’t wait to see where it takes us next.