Ounsdale Student Wins Invictus Award

16 May 2019

Invictus Athlete of the Term

This term Georgia Parry from Ounsdale, has been awarded athlete of the term, due to her determination and focus. She is committed both on and off the court and really is conscious about her Netball. Georgia is such a positive Athlete and has really progressed over the two years I have known her.

Athlete profile: Athlete of the term!

Name: Georgia Parry

School: – Ounsdale

Year: 10

Favourite Sport: – Netball

What do you like about playing Netball?

Playing in a team with people who also love netball.  Playing matches/competing with other teams and schools.

What club or clubs do you belong to?

Libra Lea.  And trains with Kodiak Stars

What is your favourite position and why?

Goal attack.  Because you are running around but also shooting and helping the team to score.

Do you have any Sporting Idols?

Jade Clarke, centre/wing defence for Wasps netball team

Do you like any other Sports?

Rugby (watching!) and rounders (playing)

Why invictus?

It is great to play with people I go to school with who also love netball.  It is great being able to represent the school.

What do you intend to do when you leave school?

I want to study business studies, philosophy, and English language to A level and beyond.