Invictus Games VIII – Our Superstars!

17 October 2019

The next stop on the Invictus Games calendar was Crestwood School who hosted ‘Invictus Games VIII’. As is customary the games kicked off with a rousing performance from the Crestwood Performing Arts department.

Mrs Sutton then formally welcomed the guests for the day before inviting Mr Evans, Head of Crestwood PE, to explain to our athletes what was in store!

There is no need for a long explanation, if you have a look at the YouTube clip posted below you will see what our competitors were up against, a series of exercises and activities devised to push our students to their limits. Inspiration for the event was taken from the 70s/80s show ‘Superstars’ (not the rubbish reincarnation from a few years ago!)

We are proud to announce that our students absolutely embraced the challenge and fully justified their teacher’s faith in selecting them for such a grueling test.

Each school sent 2 boys and 2 girls per year group, so being selected was an achievement in itself!

As always, competition was fierce but fair with the Invictus Values embodied throughout the day. Our values are firmly at the heart of everything we do. Today all students truly championed value 2 and value 4, ‘Anything Is Possible’ & ‘Seek and Seize Opportunities’. It is worth adding that the events were extremely physically challenging and there were so many occasions where it would have been easy for our students to quit, instead they gritted their teeth and worked even harder! A proud day for everyone connected to Invictus schools.

Our staff, particularly the Crestwood PE Team, who organised the day to perfection, and the PE teams from around the Trust who have spent weeks preparing their athletes and supporting on the day have also demonstrated that ‘Everyday, in Every way our Students Come First’ & that we always ‘Think Collaboratively’ our first and last values.

As always there must be a winner (other than sport, which is always the winner!), the nature of the event meant it was an incredibly tough task to even collate the scores. Each event saw an individual award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, an elite performance award for the boy and girl with the most points across the day, an endeavor award for commitment and dedication across the events and of course the big prize, overall school winner!

A very close event (they always are!) saw Leasowes finish in 3rd place, Wombourne High picked up the silver medals in 2nd place…..and the winner of the first Invictus Games of the year……. Crestwood!

A full gallery of the day is available on the Invictus Sport Facebook Page