Our Invictus staff CPD programme promotes our first and most important value ‘Every day, in every way, our students come first’.


Our bespoke courses are written and facilitated by outstanding practitioners, leaders, SLE’s and LLE’s. They aim to evolve current practices, meet whole school initiatives and ensure that our pupils gain the greatest experiences in the classrooms of our schools. Our programmes are sustained overtime, allowing teachers the opportunities to refine their ideas and to embed their approaches for long lasting impact.

Invictus CPD Pathways also offer support for non-teachers, teachers and leaders in schools to seek and seize opportunities, ensuring accountability to catalyse their own professional development with the mindset of anything is possible.

Invictus staff can click on the button below and access our online CPD platform using the password stated in our recent CPD email, we are adding new courses all of the time, be sure to check back regularly!

Eve Stanton

Strategic Lead of Teaching and Learning