Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

9 July 2020

Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

9 July 2020 Update

Invictus Trust Schools – Government Funded Free School Meal Vouchers for Children Unable to Attend School Due to Covid-19

The Trust’s schools are in the process of ordering Free School Meal vouchers on your behalf, if your child is eligible.

There are two options:

  • If you have supplied the school with a recently verified email address then the voucher will come directly to your email address in the form of a 16 digit eCode. There will be a link to the redemption website with instructions.
  • If you have not supplied the school with a verified email address then the school will order the voucher on your behalf. However to do this the school will need to contact you to ask which food retailer you require. The choice is Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and M&S food. The voucher will be an eGift card with a bar code or QR code which the school will print and send to you. Parents and carers present the printed eGift card at the till in store to pay for food and groceries at the store you have selected.
    The eGift card can also be used for online purchases.


You are entitled to receive vouchers of £15 per week per FSM child. To date, vouchers have been issued for the 15-week period from 6 April to 17 July 2020 at a total value of £225 per FSM pupil. The Government will also be issuing vouchers to cover the 6-week summer holiday period and these are now being ordered by the school at a total value of £90.

For the 21-week period from 6 April 2020 you will have access to vouchers totalling £315. There is a redemption date on the vouchers so please ensure that you use them in before this expires.


FAQs for parents and carers:

For any other information please email your school:


Email: info@ellowes.dudley.sch.ukmail:


Email: info@leasowes.dudley.sch.ukes

Email: info@pedmorehighschool.ukd