Crestwood Students Earn Place on RAF Engineering Camp

14 May 2019

Seven Year 10 Crestwood students were nominated for the STARR (Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency) as they demonstrated an interest and aptitude for Science and Design & Technology. The students along with many other students across the Midlands were added to a draw which took place on the 9th April at RAF Cosford

 We are pleased to inform you that Sinead, Billy and Nick were successful and will be joining 17 other students for the fully-funded immersive week-long, hands-on residential camp. 

 The students, for five intense days will have the full experience of life as an RAF engineering trainee, excluding aspects of military life such as marching of course! They will learn about advanced aerospace systems and concepts and will address how the need for solutions to achieve an air mission shapes the way engineers and scientists design aerospace systems. 

 Sinead, Billy and Nick will be taught about concepts such as wing design; hypersonics; power generation; how payloads affect weight and balance; innovative new materials and technologies; and the capabilities an aerospace system requires to achieve the mission and the overall effect.  With their new knowledge and skills, the students will design their very own advanced aerospace systems solutions. 

We will let you know how they get on!