Course Detail

Invictus New to Headship


Course Detail

This programme will focus on supporting recently appointed head teachers to ensure that they are equipped to meet the challenges of their first year to headship. The programme allows you to identify the skills and competencies that you need to be effective, developing an understanding of what being a substantive headteacher really means, giving you insights from others already on their headship journey.

Session Overview

Learning Centred Leadership (Day 1)

- Visions and Values of Invictus Education Trust, What are your visions and values?
- Personal analysis agenda
- Analysis of perceptions of schools from different viewpoints
- How do Headteachers influence classroom practice
- Principles of learning centred leadership
- Learning protocols
- Study groups

Leadership and accountability (Day 2 )

- What does it mean to be accountable as a head?
- Headteacher standards
- Gaining information through questioning

Moral leadership Interpersonal Leadership – The behaviour of leadership (Day 3)

- Emotional intelligence, understanding the impact of leadership on others
- Leading community
- Effective relationships and positive school climates
- Positive school performance
Analysing the emotional climate of a school – Diagnostic

Leading Change – Creating alignment (Day 4)

Readiness and capability tools
The journey to excellence

Building Leadership Capacity (Day 5)

Everyone as a leader
Structures that build capacity at all levels
Rationale for shared leadership
Reconfiguring school structure
Leadership capacity matrix
A self, school, system – a personal diagnostic review
System leadership

Developing a community of practice (Day 6)

Half day summary / review

Course Duration

6 day training programme

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Course Provider

Invictus Education Trust


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