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Invictus Governance Programme


Course Detail

Session Overview

Course Overview
- Functional / operational  
- Structure and Roles of Invictus staff
- Governance Structure, including Members, Board of Trustees, Finance & Audit Committee, School - Governing Boards (SGB), Link
- Governors, ad hoc school committees, such as Pay Committee
- Scheme of Delegation
- Annual programme of meetings
- SGB agendas 
- Specific training
- Invictus Vision & Values, including Strategic Plan
- School Improvement Planning Process & governor involvement
- Self-Evaluation Process & governor involvement
- Pupil Premium – Statutory requirements of governors
- Finance
- Understanding school data - HR & Personnel
Recruitment and interview skills
- Disciplinary and Grievance Investigation Skills

Governor Roles
- Roles of different governors within the LGB eg SEND, Safeguarding
- Safeguarding and extremism

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Invictus Education Trust


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