Course Detail

Invictus Excellence in Teaching L1 and L2


Course Detail

Classroom practitioners will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative pedagogy and develop the skills needed to make significant impact on pupils and inspire others to become an outstanding practitioner. Embedding practical strategies to a learner feedback, build autonomy, create challenge, and increase engagement.

Session Overview

Session 1
- What does excellence in education look like?
- Skills Audit
- How would you like to be challenged?
- Post session task – Prepare a min-presentation on one piece of outstanding practice that has significantly impacted upon student progress since session 1

Session 2
- What does the research say? - Unpicking Teaching and learning models
- Learning walk or lesson video?
- How can we sustain excellence in the classroom?

Session 3
- Presentations (Q&A)
- What have we learned from the presentations?
- Ofsted sentences – what would this look like at outstanding level?
- Review of T&L audit

Session 4
- Assessment words / picking 5 and identification or unpicking of how we can develop them in our classrooms
- Highlighting assessment
- Developing effective success criteria

Session 5
- Progress – What is it? How can progress be seen, heard and felt?

Session 6
- Coaching conversations: PMI technique, 3 learning environments. As a teacher of excellence what are the immediate questions that you would be asking about these snapshots?
- Coaching activity number 2 – In groups of 3,

Course Duration

Level 1 - 5 half day sessions (with gap tasks)
Level 2 - 8 half day sessions (with gap tasks)

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Course Provider

Invictus Education Trust


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