Course Detail

Invictus Courageous Conversations


Course Detail

This course allows staff to develop the ability to effectively communicate in challenging situations, leading to greater team culture, performance and results. The Courageous Conversations course helps particpiants to learn the skills they need to communicate with candor, particulary when engaging in difficult conversations about a variety of topics.

Session Overview

Part 1 - Face the problem
- Am I the right person?
- The ‘now or never’ moment

Scenario 1
- Taking managers out of their comfort zone.

Part 2 – Preparation
- What do you know?
- Policies and procedures

Scenario 2
- Containing the problem and looking to the future

Part 3 – Key Skills
- Communication
- Staying in control

Scenario 3
- Steps to follow

Course Duration

A two and a half hour training session

Course Dates

Courageous Conversations for Directors - Friday 8th January 2021 Courageous Conversations all staff - Thursday 11th February

Course Provider

Invictus Education Trust


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