Course Detail

Invictus Aspiring Middle Leaders


Course Detail

Moving from a teaching role to a second or head of department is a big step.
This programme is designed to help teachers to develop their leadership skills and understanding of effective middle leadership.

It takes a practical approach to make the move seem less daunting by helping teachers to develop their existing skills to facilitate their new role.

Session Overview

Session 1 - Influence and improvement
What is leadership?
Beliefs and Values
Emotional Intelligence
Transitioning from Teacher to Leader

Session 2 - Becoming a leader
Working together
Challenging ideas and deliberate practice
Leadership styles
Implementation as a phased process (Use EEF as a tool for guide to implementation)
Openness to change

Session 3 - Teaching and curriculum excellence
Interpreting data and using data to inform priorities
What data is important in my role? How can Middle Leaders use data to drive change?
What are our accountability measures?
Measuring learning or performance?
Your role as a gatekeeper Session 4 – Improving Classroom Practice
Accountability and responsibility. What are the differences between middle leadership and senior leadership?
Learning: The process and The Outcome
Using the McKinsey report to look at impact of high performing teacher on a student.
Deep dive conversations as a middle leader
What are my departments views and visions for T&L?
Empowering others with research.
Putting it all into practice

Session 5 – Curriculum
Shared understanding of a new curriculum
Ofsted framework and curriculum
Principles for curriculum design
Curriculum discourse
Leading curriculum change and a vision for a new curriculum

Session 6 – Leading Teams of People
Delivering through others
The role of the middle leader
Creating a high performing team
Dysfunctional teams
Running an effective team meeting
Motivating and influencing stakeholders
Radical Candour

Session 7 – Effective self evaluation
Strategic vs operational
Critical friend conversations
Improvement project reflection

Session 8 – Celebration and sharing event

Course Duration

1 year programme

Course Dates


Course Provider

Invictus Education Trust


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