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Zara Rose



Zara Rose

Crestwood School & Invictus Sixth Form


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Invictus 6th White Background.png

Head girl Zara achieved 5A’s, 3B’s and 2C’s within her GCSE’s and continued on to Crestwood Sixth Form, here she studied Psychology and English Literature at Crestwood, and studied Performing Arts at Ellowes Hall, her grades at A level were CCB. Upon completion of A Levels, Zara was offered an unconditional offer to study Psychology at Birmingham City University. Within the three years of her degree, she completed a month’s voluntary placement in India promoting positive mental health to a wide variety of service users, and became a certified Mental Health First Aider. Zara finished university in 2020 with a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology.

After this Zara was offered two conditional masters in Clinical Applications of Psychology at Stafford and Nottingham Trent University, but given the pandemic, Zara decided to defer her offers and instead head into the world of work. She felt with her strong passion for mental health there wasn’t a better time or more of a need to help those with mental health difficulties in the mist of Coronavirus outbreak. Given this Zara began applying for jobs in the field of Psychology and landed herself with a successful interview of becoming a Healthcare Assistant at a Priory hospital specialised in providing treatment for a range of mental health difficulties. Whilst Zara loves the job she is doing, she has not yet reached her long term goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist and therefore this current job is Zara’s stepping stone of gaining clinical experience in a mental health facility, this that is needed alongside her obtained degree to get onto a clinical doctorate. At present, Zara is applying for Assistant Psychologist job roles, again as a stepping stone to achieve the end career goal. Depending upon Zara’s job search will decipher whether or not she goes back to university in September 2021 to complete her masters or whether she works as an Assistant Psychologist. Either path Zara chooses will aid her journey as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist.

Zara states although she knows how competitive it is to obtain a clinical doctorate, she is determined and motivated to keep striving. Zara believes anybody can achieve anything they put their mind to, regardless of their academic ability or intelligence, if you want it bad enough then anything is possible!

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