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Aaron James



Aaron James

Leasowes High School


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I began my studies at Leasowes in September 2013: quickly finding my calling in the humanities, literature, and foreign languages. Appreciating my love for these areas, Leasowes’ staff provided me with a number of fantastic opportunities, one of the most exciting of these being the school exchanges. These both honed my linguistic skills and unlocked my passion for learning foreign languages. The MFL department in particular nurtured my appreciation for French and offered me unparalleled academic stimulation.

Owed to my teachers’ intellectual encouragement, I studied French alongside Spanish and this highly tailored teaching set me on the route which I continue to pursue today. A wealth of opportunities such as my involvement in languages study days; a visit to Paris and the collaboration with local primary schools opened many doors for my future. My position as chief language ambassador reflected my drive for language-learning, and this led to the establishment of social media pages for the department. These facilitate home-learning and are still active today.

Entering my final year at Leasowes in 2017, I was humbled by the steadfast dedication of so many of Leasowes’ staff as they pushed me academically in extra classes and focused revision sessions. The science and humanities departments, especially, pushed me to excel in these subjects. This led to my attainment of an outstanding set of GSCE results and the foundations for a bright future. I went on to study French, Spanish, History and English Literature at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge and achieved a stellar set of A-Levels in August 2020.

I am now reading for a degree in French and Spanish at Christ Church, University of Oxford and look forward to my graduation in 2024.

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