Sam Carroll-Grigg

5 February 2019

Mrs Carroll-Grigg completed a BA Hons degree in Glass with Ceramics, 3D Design at Sunderland Polytechnic, now Sunderland University. After finishing her degree she spent five years working in the sales, marketing and graphic design industry. The lure of worldwide travel came next before she decided that teaching was the career for her. Mrs Carroll-Grigg completed a PGCE in Art and Design education at the University of Central England in Birmingham.

Following a successful PGCE experience Mrs Carroll-Grigg began working in a large Dudley secondary school as a teacher of Art and Design. During this time her passion for art and design evolved into a broader teaching and learning focus. Initially she supported primary liaison as part of the pastoral team for four years before taking up the role of Head of Art. After a successful period at middle leadership Mrs Carroll-Grigg took up the role of Assistant Faculty Director within a large Design Faculty. Throughout this time she also worked for the University of Wolverhampton as a professional tutor for trainee teachers, moderated for OCR examination Board and was part of the design team for the 2008 GCSE Art and Design specification. At this time Dudley LA invited her to be a learning coach to support teaching and learning across Dudley schools. In 2007 she became an Advanced Skills Teacher for Dudley LA supporting a range of teachers and secondary school leaders in planning and delivering high quality provision within local schools whilst maintaining her role as a teacher of Art and Design.

In 2010 Mrs Carroll-Grigg began working at Crestwood School as an Assistant Headteacher as senior lead for Teaching and Learning. Driving and developing high standards of T&L through effective pedagogy and practice has underpinned Mrs Carroll-Grigg’s career to date. In September 2018 the opportunity to become the Curriculum and Standards Deputy at Crestwood School and also Secondary Lead for Standards across the Invictus MAT was an exciting career development. This new role is rapidly developing through strong partnerships within Invictus and beyond.